Church Covenant

Recognizing that God first loved us and gave us the gifts of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, we covenant with God and with one another:
• to uphold our Baptist liberties
• to engage in the dedication of children, believer’s baptism, and the Lord’s Supper
• to recognize our need for each other
• to provide a nurturing environment through mutual love, care, and respect
• to welcome all persons to our church
• to encourage spiritual growth through family and personal devotion, Bible study, 
and prayer
• to participate in worship, fellowship, stewardship, and service
• to share the gifts God has given us as a church and as individuals
• to cooperate with American Baptists to work for Christian unity and interfaith understanding
• to be just in our dealings, demonstrate compassion, and respect God’s creation
• to teach and learn as a community, and
• to share the gospel as we practice Christian discipleship in a life-long journey
As God has been faithful to us in the past, we trust God to help us become a people of vision for today and tomorrow.