Church Profile

Congregation Demographics

Our pastoral search committee is offering this discussion of our membership demographics in lieu of a numeric breakdown of statistics based on sex, marital status, and age.
Sanctuary Birmingham is historically and currently family-centric, in every possible configuration of family. We support and encourage multi-generational involvement in both worship and activities born from our mission and vision in the community and as Sanctuary.
Our congregation embraces participants from different backgrounds: different religious upbringings; different socio-economic situations; non-traditional non-nuclear family organizations; diverse cultures; and diverse identities. We practice being a safe place for all.

Who are we?

We are lawyers, landscapers, engineers, homemakers, professors, pastors, doctors, retirees, nurses, managers, architects, laborers, missionaries, leaders and world-changers. We are the living word of Christ. We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandparents, single, divorced, and widowed. We are representative of our community of Birmingham and yet many of us travel from the surrounding communities of Southfield, Royal Oak, Beverly Hills, Farmington, and many others. In terms of “like attracts like” we are not representative of one strata of income, profession, or any other demarcation. Instead, we congregate out of our mutual love of God, respect for each other and all God’s creation, and our devotion to the Word. We choose love.